5 Tips For Choosing a Data Center For Offsite Storage

August 25, 2017

Computer and Technology

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In the IT world, storing data offsite at the location of an IT security provider has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity for business continuity in the wake of disasters.

A provider of IT security solutions in Chicago knows – if a disaster destroys your onsite IT network, storing company information offsite could mean the difference between surviving the catastrophe and going out of business. Below are four helpful tips for choosing a data center that has low to zero downtime.

1. Disaster Recovery Capacity

Does the data center offer additional disaster recovery resources, or does it simply provide offsite storage?

It’s ideal to get all of you disaster recovery planning services from one provider. It helps expedite the plan, executes the plan without glitches, and it often results in a lower price due to packaged services.

2. Type of Emergency Power

Like most hospitals, data centers often have enough energy to power entire the facility – or at least important parts of it – for a few days.

Following disasters that take out utility lines, the average hospital runs out of power in about 3-5 days, after its diesel backup generators run dry. Instead of backup generators, many providers rely on uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

The devices are essentially large batteries that can power specific work departments or the whole center. You’ll often find a frequency inverter installed on the line between the UPS and the the power cords to computers. This is done to change direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is the kind most sensitive electronics require.

3. Do They Backup Their Own Data

Just as IT security providers in Chicago have data centers that help companies protect data offsite, it also need to store their own information at an offsite location – a scenario which encompasses your business’ data that’s stored with the data center.

The question is: How many backups through a series of providers are too many? Quality control must be more than a discussion in business semantics. According to IT security providers in Chicago, it should back up its data in remote locations about thrice.

Extending storage further three locations promotes redundancy, but it jeopardizes data security and it’s hard to oversee a multi-party arrangement process for quality control.

4. How fast can you get information?

Companies need access to proprietary information to ensure business continuity. Imagine if your business was without that data for hours, days or even weeks. For disaster recovery, most businesses need to know data instantaneously. It is necessary for restoring the IT side of the business to order for the sake of business continuity.


When you go beneath the surface, you find complexities surrounding things you previously thought were simpler, such as outsourcing IT security solutions in Chicago from third party IT providers. The investigation is worthwhile for an asset as irreplaceable as business data.

For more information, contact experienced IT security providers in Chicago to discuss your needs.

Read some helpful tips from Stratosphere Networks about securing your data when a disaster strikes. You can give them a call or visit their website.

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