Top Reasons To Buy A Laser Cutter For Home Use

September 7, 2017


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Not long ago, laser cutters were used almost exclusively in factories and metal fabrication shops. In recent years, though, laser cutters have entered the consumer market. Along with 3D printers, desktop laser cutters are purchased by individuals who enjoy DIY, craft projects, and art. The following are some of the top reasons to consider buying a laser cutter for home use.

Easy To Use

The machines designed for at-home use are becoming increasingly user-friendly. With a design program like Autocad or Coreldraw, users can create a design; alternatively, they can download or import a design from another source. The computer interface is easy to navigate, and the machine itself requires nothing more than placing the material and pushing a button.


Laser cutters have come down in price now that they are being marketed for hobbyists. They are not cheap machines, and users will most likely invest a few thousand to get started; however, laser cutters for home use are far more accessible than industrial machines.


Laser cutters can cut or etch a design into a very wide variety of materials. Hobbyists are using the machines to cut or engrave wood, leather, various types of metal, cloth, acrylic, and even paper. Most laser cutters can cut up to 1/4″ in thickness, and they can etch a design on thicker materials like glass and stone.


One of the most attractive features of a laser cutter is the fact that there is no blade to wear down. A laser beam can create exactly the same cut innumerable times with extreme precision. A blade, on the other hand, is slightly worn down with each cut, making it difficult to replicate a cut.


Because laser cutters are computer controlled, they move automatically, without any guidance from the user. They are able to cut complex designs that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to create by hand. In other words, there is no chance of user error interfering with the cut.

Personal laser cutters open up a world of possibilities to artists and hobbyists. In many communities, there are makerspaces where new users can try out a machine before purchasing one. To see some videos of laser cutters from Boss Laser, visit their Twitter page.

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