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OMG! If You’re Thinking About Becoming A Quitter In Your Business Then You Suck!!!

If You’ve Started A Business Opportunity & You’re Reading This Then Don’t Allow Yourself To Quit!!!

Who cares that your business isn’t growing as fast as you would like for it to and so what you deal with rejection we all do big deal! I mean is this really your excuse for being a quitter in your business?

You have to be aware that if prospects say no to you then it’s their loss not yours besides the only way for you to lose out in this industry is to actually quit and if you quit you were never really cut out for becoming a business entrepreneur anyway obviously you can’t take the pressure of it.

Did you know that a lot of the successful entrepreneurs that have made it to the top actually thought about quitting at one time or another but for some reason they kept right on pushing and look where they are now. So don’t do this to yourself it’s not worth it in the end. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen people quit that were one step closer to their success than what they actually thought they were.

Most of our problem is that we live in a world of right now and if we can’t get what we want right at this minute then we’re ready to throw the towel in. In fact most people stop dreaming and become lazy by hoping and wishing their situation was different and they don’t realize that the only person that can change their situation is them.

Excuses People Come Up With For Quitting

1) They allow other people to tell them that their dreams and reality are a waste of time and what they are looking for cannot be accomplished. This is what I call a dream killer and if you notice they are closer than you think they are just look around they start ranging from your friends to close family members. If they don’t have whatever you are striving for then get away from them.

2) People go into business without realizing their intentions in fact most of the time they don’t have any goals. Whenever your joining something new you must know exactly what you want. This helps you know what you’re working towards and helps you continue to stay focused.

3) No real patience people need right now money and success is usually a long term result so things may just be moving to slow for them because they don’t have any real patience. So in other words they aren’t willing to pay the price for financial freedom and when they fall down they stay down because they’re afraid to get back up and keep pushing that’s what it boils down to.

4) Unwilling to work hard again most people must have instant gratification but what they don’t realize is that instant gratification comes along with working extremely hard. They usually want someone else to do their work for them and being a lazy marketer doesn’t get you anywhere. As a matter of fact if you keep thisĀ  mindset then you’ll continue to get the lazy results you’ve always gotten.

5) Most just don’t get the concept of the dedication and consistency that’s involved. It’s really sad but its the plain old truth. It’s also hard for some to grasp the fact that they really are in a mlm marketing company because it just doesn’t feel real to them.

6) The main reason for them following their adventure towards success was financial freedom and to have more control over their time but what happens is they stop trusting themselves and they end up losing the potential they started out with in the mlm marketing company they signed up for.

90% of people don’t have anything going on in their own lives anyway so they definitely want to see you fail. Another reason is because they don’t want you to get ahead of them because if you do then your success will show the lack of effort and work on their part.

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