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5 Social Media Misjudgements That Can Destroy Your Business

If you are stressed out trying to figure out this whole Social Media thing then here it is I am about to discuss 5 Social Media Misjudgements that tons of business people struggle with daily while building their business online.

There are so many business owners out there who don’t have the right concept on how to use Social Media successfully. The sooner we address these issues on the Social Media Misjudgements the better your chances are of succeeding.

The 5 Social Media Misjudgements Are…

1. Looking at blogging as a hobby: Did you know that your blog is a real online business? In fact it’s one of your main sources for networking and making money online and I say this because you are able to inform and educate your audience through your content, share it on different Social Networking Sites with a link back to your blog and offer your affiliate products. This is why having a blog is so important when getting started online and they are a great way to grow your business.

2. No Need To Interact Much With Fans and Followers: This is another one of those Social Media Misjudgements building personal relationships is very important if you want to build a successful business, so anytime someone adds you as a friend, sends you a message or ask you a question it’s always a good idea to respond back to them.

You can also comment on their blog posts and articles, this lets them know that you acknowledge them and it gives you insight on their views and how they feel about things.

3. Not Having A Marketing Funnel In Place: This is another one of the many Social Media Misjudgements if you don’t have a marketing funnel then how in the world are you going to capture your leads information! Having a marketing funnel in place allows you to keep track of who’s visiting your site it also puts you in a position to stay connected to your audience and you can share tons of value with them.

You can send follow up emails, update them on new blog posts and offer some of your affiliate products. This also helps you build trust and establish relationships with your followers on a consistent basis.

A Little Bit More On Social Media Misjudgements

4. You Have To Be Seen Everywhere All The Time: Wrong! Ok this is another one of those Social Media Misjudgements and I’m quite sure you have heard this one before I hate to be the one to tell you this but it’s not necessary when starting out. My suggestion is to know who your target market is, find out where they hang out at, start out with 1 to 2 Social Networking sites by creating a business or personal profile and get started networking.

Let’s use LinkedIn as an example you can go there, create an eye catching profile, join groups pertaining to your niche, send out friend requests to other group members, go to the open questions section and start responding to a few questions just make sure that you are providing the right answers.

Answering questions positions you as the go to person and expert in your niche, draws traffic back to your blog, pushes your audience to your marketing funnel. Once they opt in you now have their information so you can really start building a relationship with them and as time permits you can then offer your products and services your market.

Whenever you are recommending your products and services you always want to let your them know how they are going to benefit from what you are offering, otherwise you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time valuable time because people only really care about what’s in it for them and nothing else.

The Final Conclusion Of Social Media Misjudgements Is

5. Barely Getting A Return On Your Investment Is The Last One Of The  Social Media Misjudgements: I have been in this situation before so I know this can be extremely frustrating it can even make you want to pull your hair out sometimes, so I recommend doing some reevaluating by finding out what you need to improve on and gradually make changes. As time permits you will start seeing progress.

Increasing your opt in rates by offering a free ebook, newsletter or report is also considered a return on investment it isn’t always about money the more you continue to work at it the sooner you will start turning those leads into paying customers.

Just keep in mind while using Social Media to build your business you want to start out by adding friends, networking, asking and answering questions then start accommodating the needs of your fans and followers or else your business plan won’t work for you.

Staying in contact with your clients and keeping them updated on what’s new will keep you and your business ahead of the game. Social Networking can be fun if you learn how to be unique and creative it’s also a great tool for building just about any business online.

I hope this article was beneficial to your business, remember these 5 Social Media Misjudgements that are listed here, be yourself, serve the needs of others in your market and have some fun while doing it that’s it it’s really not that hard!

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Toshiba Burton is a Social Media Coach and Consultant who is always sharing tips, strategies and resources on how to grow your business and improve your lifestyle through Social Media.

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